Dream Beyond The Horizon

Forging of Dreams

Leapher builds exploration vessels designed for seasoned yacht owners
who value trustworthy performance, bespoke elegance and seek
a cost-effective gateway to memorable experiences
Forging of dreams

Core values

Our values are essential.
They ensure the creation of seaworthy explorer yachts that deliver
experiences, safety, and reliability on every voyage.





The NAVIX Class

true explorer yachts

Leapher’s NAVIX class yachts are sturdy true exploration vessels, fitted with commercial grade equipment. Our range includes the NAVIX60 at 1753GT, 60.5m, and the upcoming NAVIX50 at 499GT. Each model boasts an exclusive design that doesn’t compromise on luxury, offering an unparalleled experience at sea.
Navix60 outlines
The NAVIX60 marks the debut of Leapher’s range of explorer yachts. Forged in the Netherlands by the esteemed naval architects O7 Designers and styled by the visionary Cor D. Rover, it showcases exceptional nautical engineering, aesthetic sophistication, and an environmental commitment. The NAVIX60, with its impressive 1753GT, accommodates technology and equipment typically found in larger commercial heavy-duty vessels. Featuring a sturdy steel hull with Ice Class 1C certification, it is a  true explorer yacht that offers a range of 9,000 nautical miles and can sustain autonomy at sea for up to 40 days, making any destination accessible.
Leapher’s NAVIX50, a 499GT vessel, embodies the essence of exploration and represents a lighter version of the renowned NAVIX60. Every aspect of its design is a masterpiece of maritime efficiency, tailored for discovering the farthest reaches of the globe. It preserves the core concepts necessary for exploration while ensuring the comfort and safety of its guests, without ever compromising on luxury.

The NAVIX50 will be unveiled later this year.

Crafted in the Netherlands