April 12, 2024

Unveiling horizon: a new dawn in luxury yachting

Unveiling horizon: a new dawn in luxury yachting

A few weeks ago, in Tolkamer, Netherlands, a significant occasion unfolded at the newly founded shipyard, Leapher Yachts.

On this day, the shipyard bore witness to the keel-laying ceremony of their premier 60.5-meter expedition yacht, the Horizon.

Just as the keel has traditionally formed the backbone of a vessel, this ceremony represents the solid foundation upon which Leapher Yachts has been built. The first steel plates of Horizon were lowered into place in the dry dock under the watchful eyes of Leapher’s management team and workforce.

As we lay the keel of our first superyacht, we embark on a journey of craftsmanship, innovation, and excellence. Leather Yachts stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of safety, innovation, quality and luxury.”, said Yiannis Andriotis, the visionary behind Leapher Yachts.

As the echoes of machinery faded, a second time-honored ceremony took place: the placement of a lucky coin. The visionary owner of Leapher Yachts embedded a coin into a steel plate. This plate was then welded to the keel of Horizon, a nod to an ancient maritime tradition believed to bring good fortune to the ship and her crew, as well as act as a “rainy fund” when and if the ship was in need of a major repair anywhere in the world. The coin would be used to pay for the needed work.

Exploring the oceans is a challenge that few have tried and not all succeeded. With every Leapher, we give a promise to the owner that we are with them every step of the way, even to that line beyond the Horizon” expressed Andriotis, as the coin found its home within the keel of Horizon.

With a length overall of 60.5m/199ft meters and a design draught of 3.15m/10.3ft, Horizon boasts an impressive volume of 1753GT. It can carry up to 14 passengers (12 Sleeping) and a crew of 16. Designed to offer extensive voyage autonomy, Horizon comes equipped with state of the art systems and innovations giving her an autonomy of 40 days at Zero Discharge areas and an outstanding range of 14,000nm (at cruising speed).

Maintaining a commitment to their motto, the Horizon project is progressing according to schedule, underscoring the company’s dedication to keeping promises regarding budget, quality, and delivery time. This steadfast adherence to their principles serves to build and strengthen trust with brokers and partners in the superyacht industry. ‘At Leapher Yachts, we deliver on promises, ensuring the highest quality, timely execution, and budget adherence,’ says Andriotis.

As the keel-laying ceremony came to a close, the path ahead became clearer for Leapher Yachts. This first venture promises to set the yard’s course towards a bright future in the superyacht industry. Each new phase of construction brings Leapher Yachts one step closer to realizing their vision of a unique blend of luxury, efficiency, and practicality in yacht design.