Dream beyond the horizon

About Leapher
Leapher Yachts emerges from the
forged dreams of its proprietors,
epitomizing the true spirit of
explorer-grade yachting. Originating in
Tolkamer, The Netherlands, we embraced
the legacy of the historic
location of our shipyard, which began
constructing vessels 136 years ago.
As a boutique company, Leapher
Yachts focuses on creating a
limited number of yachts each year,
ensuring meticulous attention to each
customer’s unique needs.

Core values

Our values are essential.
They ensure the creation of seaworthy explorer yachts that deliver
experiences, safety, and reliability on every voyage.


As owners ourselves, we recognize
that navigating safely to the
farthest reaches of the globe
requires a sturdy vessel, equipped
with redundant systems. Crafted at
a Dutch shipyard that boasts 135
years of shipbuilding expertise, this
dedication to quality is at the heart
of everything we do at Leapher


At Leapher, we have learned that
experience is fundamental to
delivering commitments beyond
Our philosophy of ‘Experience’
transcends mere heritage, it
involves forging decades of
expertise, knowledge, and talent to
transform ideas, words, and plans
into reality


We are building trust one voyage
at a time, there is no other way
Understanding the significant
investment this journey requires.
Every action, from design to after-
sales, is a reflection of our
unwavering dedication to integrity
and transparency
Dutch crafted

Dutch crafted

Our Dutch values of quality, precision, and dedication to customer satisfaction drive us to surpass client needs through flexibility, cooperation, and efficient delivery times. Our highly-skilled workforce and strategically located yards, coupled with experienced engineers and craftsmen, ensure each yacht is built to the highest standards of excellence.

We are committed to achieving unprecedented levels of customization and innovation, building state-of-the-art explorer yachts for seasoned owners who demand exceptional quality and luxury.

Our mission is to craft, maintain, and modify vessels that are safe, efficient, and perfectly suited to their purpose, utilizing cutting-edge technology and the latest materials.

135 YEARS of
We are dedicated to using sustainable
and eco-friendly materials and processes
wherever possible. This not only
benefits the environment, but it
also results in yachts that
are lighter, stronger, and more

Dream beyond the horizon